Never break a promise to yourself

Ouch, this one hits home because I HAVE broken promises to myself. Yet, I don’t want to beat myself up, rather, moving forward I choose to practice the self-love I teach to myself. 

In a post earlier this week I shared “Because it’s the “small promises” that we break to ourself that sets an unhealthy unconscious pattern that whenever you set out to do something, you don’t believe yourself. It’s important that you don’t ever break that trust with yourself. I think of my kiddos when they were in High School and I always told them, “don’t lie to me, because once you do it’s harder to earn that trust back” and guess what? It’s no difference for yourself.” Continue reading “Never break a promise to yourself”

Grace and Calm are your Super Powers!


Angel Message Today:

Believe in your dreams. You are worthy of your biggest dreams imaginable.

Affirmation (hand over heart): I am happy & excited to expand my biggest dreams!


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Slow Down, Great Things Take Time


“We are so busy in our life looking out for what is ahead of us, that we forget to appreciate and enjoy where we are and how far we have come.”

Can you resonate with this?

How we can be more present in our lives to enjoy the simple things? Enjoying today, the here and the now. Even though we are going after our biggest dreams let’s not lose sight of the beauty and the blessings of the now, the present moment. 

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Look For The Signs That You Are So Loved

With the state our world is in right now, it’s hard to remain calm. In the midst of uncertainty always can be the fear of the unknowing. When we feel out of control with the state our world is in, and being among what feels like chaos, sometimes all we can do is breath and pray.

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Speak Prosperity and CLAIM It To BE!

AUDIO #302

In today’s Dream Big Noon-Spiration we really focused on EXPANDING and GROWING the “money” in our bank accounts. We have to feel GOOD about money, and sometimes that isn’t always easy, right? Especially when we have a lot of things in our life SHOWING US LACK! Well, today I spoke about that and how you can CLAIM the abundance! 

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Intuition & Discernment Are My Favorite Superpowers

AUDIO #293

Today’s Dream Big Noon-Spiration was a powerful message about discernment and expanding your conscious prosperity. LISTEN HERE to the full message here. 

Just because it’s healthy for other people and necessary for other people doesn’t mean it’s healthy or necessary for you. We have been given the gift of discernment. Today, is about remembering we have choices and we don’t have to “follow the crowd”. 

You are worthy of all things possible! 

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Trust Yourself, AND GOD, You Cannot Fail

If you have been hurt in the past by other people, then you probably have a lot tied up in the word TRUST. Trusting other people can be one of the most challenging things for you. Now that you have been hurt you may expect to get hurt. You may have a story around ‘the victim’ that is within you. The inner victim within you believes that you have been hurt repeated times when you have opened your heart and trusted. Sometimes the challenge has been because unrealistic expectations have been placed on others, and this is what has caused the pain. Now you may be in a place where you feel skeptical.

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What You Believe Is Greater Than Your Circumstances

AUDIO #287

Today’s Word by Joel Osteen, sent chills up my spine as his message resounded in my spirit: (Sign up for Joel Osteen’s word of the day HERE )

The Ability to Believe

One of the greatest abilities God has given each one of us is our ability to believe. If you believe God’s Word, you can be successful. If you believe God’s Word, you can overcome mistakes of the past. If you believe God’s Word, you can fulfill your God-given destiny. There is incredible power in what you believe. What you believe is greater than your circumstances, greater than your trials, greater than your medical report, and greater than your bank account! When you get into agreement with God and believe what He says about you, then what you believe will supersede any natural law. I have a friend that came to this country with nothing but the clothes on his back. Today, he runs a Fortune 500 company. Against all odds, he believed he could do what God placed in his heart.

Today, nurture those seeds of faith by dwelling on His Word. As you get the Word of God in your heart, faith will come to you. Faith will grow and strengthen in you. Faith will rise up in you and empower you to take hold of all the blessings God has for you!

We have the ability to completely tear down our whole beleif structure and re-create new and healthy ones. Ones that don’t include self-sabotage, free of self-limiting thoughts and replace them with ones that are more empowering. YESTERDAY’S  Dream Big Noon God spoke about the GIFT that YOU ARE to the world! Never forget that!

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Keep Dreaming BIG, and BE Blissfully Empowered to your HIGHEST PURPOSE! Follow me, I can help you get there by reminding you of your sovereign birthright. 

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SHHH… Quiet my child, have Faith it’s not really a race

AUDIO #285

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Today’s Dream Big Noon-Spiration was on another level for me. God’s Divine message was so incredible I wish the whole world could hear it. I feel like everyone could resonate with today’s message about trusting the process. When we slip and fall there is a reason and you will win with a slow and steady pace, which is needed when you build your dreams!

Often times when things are not going as I, in my human flesh, wants them to go, God whispers to my spirit “shhhhhh….. quiet child, have faith. Your time is coming and it’s not time yet, trust in the process I am still helping you grow in other areas”.

Today I read an incredible blog about the Tortoise and The Hare, and I am quoting Patrick Eblad’s Blog because I think he speaks the story and “The Hare Mindset” just as I would say it: 

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