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Loneliness is an inside struggle

Primal wounds say “I am separate from you”


Step Into Your Highest Purpose

Sometimes we can self-sabotage when we think we haven’t reached where we are “supposed to be”. Where are we going?


Yet…. There is a GOD.

God softly whispers to me and says, “I got you” 


How To Win When You Feel Like You Are Losing

The things that the agents said would be totally a detriment and would make it impossible for me to get a job…. All of the sudden became an asset for me.


You Are Already Abundant

Life is like a chest filled with treasures, some big, some small, some sentimental, some lessons, all are TREASURES. Take time today ….


Wonder Woman Lives Within Us All

Who were you before the world told you WHO to be? It’s time to awaken, unleash and activate YOUR INNER WONDER WOMAN….

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