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My strength comes from the Lord…

Recently I was working with a client, who was at her wits end. She felt hopeless, feeling as though she can’t get out of bad stuff happening or things happening in her life, as tragedy seemed to be striking her from many directions.


Faith Can Move Mountains

A few weeks ago the Lord put on my heart to once again make room in my schedule and ‘clear my plate’. I’m not exactly sure the whole reason, but this time around, I fully trust. It’s interesting that the last recorded Soufood Sundays was about Faith because I am right in the mix of my own faith in the process (God, you are so good!).

Is Jesus a Religion?

Join Soulfood Sundays to hit the reset button for the week and learn tools to improve and assist in creating healthy relationships in your life.


Leave the past behind…..

Living in the past keeps us from creating the life we truly crave. We cannot become who we want by holding on to who we are.


After A While You Learn….

“So you plant your own garden and decorate your own soul” this sentence stood out to me like it was coming off of the page. Wow! How have I never heard this incredible poem written by Veronica A. Shoffstall: After A While.


What If I Let Fear Win?

Yikes, what just came out of my mouth and where did THAT come from? I felt warm and sweaty.


Take off the shackles sister

You hear the whispers in your soul and don’t always listen…..


Beauty is a CHOICE

I want to invite you to explore the idea that Beauty is a choice. Your first reaction may be to reject that, since society has us conditioned to think that we have to be a certain weight, height, eye color


You Are Supported Through This Time

Do you have moments of time where you can get so frustrated where you feel like you don’t have any control of your time and schedule?


Speak Prosperity and CLAIM It To BE!

Speak Prosperity and CLAIM IT TO BE! YES! Listen today to expand your prosperity in your life!


Intuition & Discernment Are My Favorite Superpowers



Angel Number 717 Special Message For YOU

I want to celebrate with YOU and invite YOU to join in on my Virtual Birthday Party!

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