My Darling Daughter…..

Part 1: The scars I bare mean the hurt is over

Part 2: The good, the bad, the pretty, the ugly

My Darling Daughter….

Just reading those words made me weep. That deep pain that I had felt just the night before. Tears streaming down my face, as I was remembering the last time I saw her. I was reflecting on the time that she wrote this letter and it was as if God was giving me a moment of time back.

Why was it so hard to read this letter? Because I missed her? Yes, I did and do miss her very much but it wasn’t just that. All of the emotions that felt like they had been locked inside for a long time come flooding out. Feelings of frustration in not understanding her choices in life, feelings of anger for her leaving my sisters and I. I went through feeling guilt within myself for feeling maybe I didn’t do enough? Maybe if I wasn’t frustrated with her, could I have helped her any more? These thoughts that pounded through my mind were now being released through my heart as I was surrendering them all to Jesus.

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Look For The Signs That You Are So Loved


With the state our world is in right now, it’s hard to remain calm. In the midst of uncertainty always can be the fear of the unknowing. When we feel out of control with the state our world is in, and being among what feels like chaos, sometimes all we can do is breath and pray.

Pray. Breath. Sigh. Look up for a sign.

holding hands

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Loneliness is an inside struggle

AUDIO #269

In a world where we have the most connection through Iphones, Facetime, Skype, text, Facebook, and live videos why are many feeling more alone than ever?

Things I was pondering today when recording Dream Big Noon-Spiration:

What is the cure for loneliness?

What is the loneliness prescription?

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Step Into Your Highest Purpose

AUDIO #267

What does your highest purpose mean to you? Often times we can think it has to be this extravagant thing for humanity, and maybe it is. What if your highest purpose IS what you are doing TODAY? What if your highest purpose has never left you? 

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Plant a Seed of Faith For Your Future

AUDIO #255 

With each passing day, each passing minute you plant seeds. You plant seeds of hope, seeds of faith, seeds of love, and seeds of peace. We can also plant seeds of anger, frustration, bitterness, pride and ego. What seeds are you planting? In today’s Dream Big Noon-Spiration (brought to you by SEA ) it was about planting a seed of faith. A message of spreading faith into creating life on your terms, as we have been speaking about in the last few sessions, and also about creating a life that makes your soul happy! Continue reading “Plant a Seed of Faith For Your Future”

The Story of an Art Table

While cleaning off my art table today, I started to uncover the many paint markings and drippings. Over time, these beautiful messes began to create a picture.

“I stared at the art table and goosebumps rose up on my body, my heart felt full and tears filled my eyes.” 

What I saw was a story. A story of healing, love, reconnections, passion, and friendships. I also saw tears, fears, and hesitations that were all challenged and defeated. I saw the numerous smiles of pride and self-value being acknowledged. I saw freedom to create and no judgment.

My tears streamed down on my face. You see, I have days where my doubts creep up. I ask myself “Am I making a difference”? It took the story of an art table to answer my question.

What story are you painting on your life canvas? What messy, wonderful drippings, splatters, and markings are you leaving behind as beautiful reminders of your courageous journey?

Courageously creating together,

~ Carlyn 💜💜
Director of Creative Art
Sisterhood Connections

Carlyn is the Director of Creative Arts for Sisterhood Connections, a Global Women’s Empowerment Organization and also CEO of Carlyn’s Creative Center. Read more here about Carlyn .


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