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I say no to gatekeepers, gurus, drama-trauma, and victim mentality!

My message for today is that no matter what you think are your barriers are only there until you ‘see’ and accept that they really are not. Somehow…..


Worrying and hitting the snooze button isn’t good for your health

As he drove down the road I noticed, my mind immediately drifted into worry. I started to wonder if he would get hit by car, I wondered if he would become a statistic……


The doors will be open to those bold enough to knock

We want diversity and freedom, yet many resist and fight free thinking. We want exclusivity, yet many make fun of people who are unique. We want to be wealthy, yet many are jealous of those with success.


Speak Prosperity and CLAIM It To BE!

Speak Prosperity and CLAIM IT TO BE! YES! Listen today to expand your prosperity in your life!


What You Believe Is Greater Than Your Circumstances

here is incredible power in what you believe. What you believe is greater than your circumstances, greater than your trials, greater than your medical report, and greater than your bank account!


You Are Not Your Thoughts

When you want to get everything in life, help people get everything in life and when you do that the returns in blessings are indescribable. Live what you teach, and teach what you live.

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