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Spiritual Gifts

Through baptism we all have become the body of Christ and we each play a valuable role.


Soul Talk: Who Has Your Mind?

I was literally having a conversation with my son on the way to school today, my soul talks with him…


On Purpose For a Purpose

I believe that everything happens on purpose for a purpose. And when you are in the state of grace and faith, things really do happen with less effort. And when you are in grace and faith you are in flow, and by flow I mean aligned with the spirit of God.


How being honest and purpose-driven can build real growth for Entrepreneurs​

“Even if it feels like you are not getting anywhere, or growth is slow, keep going. Pull your attention away from the numbers, and trust that it will happen. Success comes from repetition and duplication” 


What You Believe Is Greater Than Your Circumstances

here is incredible power in what you believe. What you believe is greater than your circumstances, greater than your trials, greater than your medical report, and greater than your bank account!


Success Comes With The Help of Others

“Somebody is sitting in the shade today because somebody a long time ago planted a tree”


You Are Not Your Thoughts

When you want to get everything in life, help people get everything in life and when you do that the returns in blessings are indescribable. Live what you teach, and teach what you live.


Collaborate With People You Can Learn From

Creating conscious and happy relationships in our life starts with ourself…


Break Through The Glass Ceiling Without Breaking Down

So, how do we overcome the fear, so we can shatter the glass ceiling?


Loneliness is an inside struggle

Primal wounds say “I am separate from you”


Step Into Your Highest Purpose

Sometimes we can self-sabotage when we think we haven’t reached where we are “supposed to be”. Where are we going?

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