As I hang my head in shame….

In that very moment, my heart broke. So many feelings were flooded in my belly, my heart and my head. 

First, let me back up and share that this happened this morning. I dropped my son off at school and I had my first client early at 8:45 am but was in dire need of some groceries. So I stopped at the grocery store at 7:30 am. One of my soul sisters sent me a voice message. (a few of my closest soul sisters communicate that way, we all live in other states and even one out of the country so it’s a good way to stay connected) I sat listening to the message in my car, as I wanted to finish it before I went into the store. Just then I see someone coming up from my rearview mirror. My husband has talked with me about being on alert at all times, not in a fearful way, but a smart and keep yourself safe kind of way. 

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