As I hang my head in shame….

In that very moment, my heart broke. So many feelings were flooded in my belly, my heart and my head. 

First, let me back up and share that this happened this morning. I dropped my son off at school and I had my first client early at 8:45 am but was in dire need of some groceries. So I stopped at the grocery store at 7:30 am. One of my soul sisters sent me a voice message. (a few of my closest soul sisters communicate that way, we all live in other states and even one out of the country so it’s a good way to stay connected) I sat listening to the message in my car, as I wanted to finish it before I went into the store. Just then I see someone coming up from my rearview mirror. My husband has talked with me about being on alert at all times, not in a fearful way, but a smart and keep yourself safe kind of way. 

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We can’t become who we want to be by holding on to who we are

“We can not become who we want to be by holding on to who we are” ~Jena Harris

Last week we spoke about balance, and the topic was finding deeper balance with work, with self-care, and with success goals. Today we are going to talk about stillness, finding our stillness within the stress. I received an email from one of the listeners and she asks about how to stay inspired when she feels so much stress in her life.

Do you ever feel so stressed that you want to give up? I know many of us have felt that way at least once or twice. We can be there at many different times in our life or we can dip in and out of feeling like you want to give up because of stress. You may be wearing lots of different hats and doing lots of different things, OR it could be one job or one duty of your life that is causing you to feel this way.

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Take off the shackles sister

~Hey Soul Sister~

Do you feel overwhelmed by life? Or maybe overwhelmed is too strong of a word? Do you feel that there is so much to do, so many people that need to be loved and listened to and feel like you can’t be in as many places as you are needed to be?

Gosh, soul sister, do I feel you. I can feel that way too sometimes.

There’s something to say about taking one step at a time, having momentum, and staying focused, right? Many of us aim to be in that space. Sometimes its more than that thought, I do believe we have to understand our limits. Recognizing that we can only do so much. If God has placed on our hearts to help this person, and that person, and join this and be here, and be there… well, it doesn’t sound very exciting because it says within that statement that there are “limits”, or does it?

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