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Body Acceptance: Sexual Expression and Empowerment

Red Alert!! Houston we have a problem, a HUGE problem, in fact, one might call it an epidemic. A horrible epidemic that is plaguing the majority of the female population and possibly the number one thing that is holding women everywhere back from experiencing their true wholeness.


You Are Supported Through This Time

Do you have moments of time where you can get so frustrated where you feel like you don’t have any control of your time and schedule?


Take Time Today To Appreciate Yourself

“The deepest principle in human nature is the craving to be appreciated”


Starve Your Distractions, Feed Your Focus

Do you let the distractions take you off course or do you use them to empower you to keep going?


Wonder Woman Lives Within Us All

Who were you before the world told you WHO to be? It’s time to awaken, unleash and activate YOUR INNER WONDER WOMAN….


Gratitude For The Aide

How do you feel when others help you?


Growing In The Great Outdoors

When we come into this world, we are born with two fears; fear of falling and fear of noise. Then somewhere along the line we become those crazy, worrying, non-risk taking versions of ourselves that we often refer to as adults.

What’s In a Flaw?

I had a very profound conversation with my trainer, she asked me ‘what are your reasons for pursuing this’?


BE A Leader In Your Life on YOUR Terms

How we live our life, who we are as a person is what matters most. I feel very passionate about that. We can take away all of the “things” in our life, but who you are and who you can become no one can take away.

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