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Spiritual Gifts

Through baptism we all have become the body of Christ and we each play a valuable role.


Keep Going

May you dare enough to keep running when you feel like stopping, or when quitting feels like the easier thing to do. May you feel inspired in your spirit to look up when the world is showing you to look down. May you feel empowered to surrender the weight of burden that is weighing you down. May you feel courageous enough to dream bigger … Read More Keep Going


Beauty is a CHOICE

I want to invite you to explore the idea that Beauty is a choice. Your first reaction may be to reject that, since society has us conditioned to think that we have to be a certain weight, height, eye color


The More Validation I Need, The Less Discernment I Have

You were validated the moment you came into this world, stop seeking validation.


Angel Number 717 Special Message For YOU

I want to celebrate with YOU and invite YOU to join in on my Virtual Birthday Party!

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