For as long as I can remember I would get this feeling on Sundays that would simply ruin the whole day for me, this dread that prevented me from fully immersing myself in the present moment and this feeling that my freedom was about to be taken from me at any given moment. I remember it being so bad after vacation during my career in the corporate world that I would wish that I hadn’t bothered going on vacation because it simply wasn’t worth the gloom that I felt at getting up on Monday and going through the motions, oh gosh how many emails would be waiting for me? what would I have to deal with when I got back? and what if no-one cared that I was back at all?

Everyone I Knew and the world around me was structured to live for the weekend and Mondays just made it feel like an uphill climb to a beautiful scenic view on Friday, how would we make it to Friday? A lot has changed since I left my corporate career and started my own business yet what I found was the Sunday feeling was still lingering around like a bad smell, a torturous feeling as the day went on, a mood dampener in our home, this heavy silence completely sucking the joy out of everything.

Until one day after talking to a friend it occurred to me that it really was unnecessary to torment ourselves in the way, so I asked myself what was it that was really making me feel this way? I realized that some of this is  habitualremember how I said earlier that society is constructed to live for the weekend, does it actually have to be like that? Why not live for the day? Aren’t we simply wasting 5 days every week? just to live for 2? Who on earth came up with that dreadful idea?  Yes of course if you have work to take care of during set business hours you may say that is easier said than done, yet seriously if your job or business is making you that unhappy that you dread Monday coming around, then isn’t it time to do something differently anyway?

So here are a Seven Savvy Strategies to shift that Sunday mood killer and leap into Monday like a Tiger!

  1. Avoid doing chores on a Sunday who created the word chore anyway? It sounds dreadful doesn’t it?
  2. Change things uparrange to meet a friend midweek (yes on a school night!) change up ‘date night’, do something with the kids on a different evening, do something out of routine and change it up!
  3. Prepare for the week aheadLook over emails, do an hour of planning, put dates in your schedule and prepare a strategy of goals for the week ahead. Trust me  you will sleep like a baby knowing that you are already ahead of the game! See how cool you are?
  4. Make time for yourself Go exercise, do something fun, tap into creativity, have some favorite foods, meditate, watch a funny movie!
  5. Plan something fun for Monday eveningDo something that is going to make you look forward to Monday that you wouldn’t normally do! Yes you can have fun on Mondays!
  6. Calm downMost of the things we think are never ever going to happen anyway! What’s the worst that is really going to happen? Stop for a moment, breathe, its going to be ok.
  7. Practice being PresentWhen you begin to enjoy being in the present moment it really doesn’t matter what day it is because all moments become enjoyable. Give it a go, you will surprise yourself!

 Keep Smiling Big, guess who’s in charge? You are!

With love Raj


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