Today is day two in our reading plan for 2020. We are reading the New Testament starting with Matthew. If you missed yesterday, HERE is Day 1.

Day 2 Reading Plan is Matthew 4-6

It only takes about 10 minutes for the reading today. I wanted to add here in the blog that I forgot to share this on todays video, it was too pivotal to not share. What our eyes look at. Also what stood out is not only what we physically look at but figuratively speaking what are we ‘looking at’ (focusing on) in our life. Surely things will manifest in such a way similar to what you are ‘seeing’, what you are CHOOSING to see, and where your focus is. I realized in this moment that is why it feels good to focus on God.

Not that I want to go deep here, but who else notices TV, movies, Shows and how dark they are getting? And how there seems to be no boundaries. Satan works in this area for sure, and man! Today reading about how our eyes are the lamp of the body, really brought it to light for me. I have also heard the eyes are the gateway to the soul. You can see so much in a person through their eyes. It’s been a fascinating thing for me spiritually to connect to. I can many times see the person behind the flesh without a spoken word, not just in the energy they carry, but their eyes.

What are your thoughts?

I personally will be doing the SOAP method for this study, I would love to hear each of your process and what you are doing! In case you have never heard of the SOAP method, here it is and my version of what it means for me.


Physically write out in your journal the scripture that stands out to you as you read. You will be amazed at what will be revealed to you when you write what hits your spirit


What do you see in the passages you are reading? This is where I think the word of God becomes personal. Are there words that stand out? Are you being shown a flashback or example of your life that is relevant?


Applying the soulfood to your life, make it relevant to today. For you. Ask yourself and God questions like ‘What changes do I need to make?’ ‘Is there an action I need to take?’


If something was revealed to you, pray about it. Have a conversation with God, pray, worship, fill yourself with gratitude, and ask God to guide you.
May you be blessed today and always my soul sisters and brothers.

Much love to you today. Remember you are so loved. Go out and change the world with who God created you to be!

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