This hits home for me. When I left my job trading the traditional paycheck every two weeks to the unknown, it was really hard for me. I remember thinking, oh, I may need to downsize or let go of this expenditure, or be careful here…. And certainly I’m not saying that I mastered it, I still catch myself with the old way of thinking. I feel like many people may need this message today. Do we fully trust God with our finances? Speaking for myself this area was really hard for me, but I know that when I can be in that space of trusting IN HIM and HIS PLAN, I do reap the benefits. 

Normally when someone goes through a rough time financially, we, in our human ego mind, will often say things like ‘oh, I need to just get another job’, ‘I need to cut back’, ‘I need to sell something’… and sometimes say things like ‘I’m so dumb, how did I get myself into this mess’, ‘I am not responsible’, ‘I am a mess’…. God is waiting for us to TRUST IN HIM. Give HIM the access to our finances, give HIM full reign which means full faith (#fiercelyfaithful ) 

If you need prayers in your financial life, just comment below, Prayers or a simple emoji will do. I am lifting YOU in prayer. May 2020 bring you closer to God and bring you the answers you seek. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

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