I live in what is called ‘West Baton Rouge’, which is not exactly in Baton Rouge, but on the outskirts. Some would define this as ‘country’ because we are not in the city (thank you for that! LOL) You have to go over the Mississippi River in order to get to the west side. The bridge can be CRAZY at times, it definitely wasn’t built for the volume of people that live here, that is for sure! Well along the west side is around 4 towns (there are more, but I am sharing the ones that are the closest to the bridge) There is Port Allen that is right off of the bridge you take a right, if you take a left it leads you to Brusly, then Addis, and then finally Plaquemine. Going from Port Allen to a town called Brusly is literally like 2 miles away, and in that you have to go under the ramp where the bridge goes to go to Baton Rouge, then it takes you up on a ramp that is called the ‘intra coastal’. For the short of it, there is literally NO OTHER WAY to go across but here. You bring in traffic from all angles so it is an important travel area. 

So, my girlfriends that I chat with on a regular basis probably got so sick of hearing me talk about the construction that was happening here in my world. As I said, it literally is TWO MILES, but the construction would take 45 minutes to an hour to get through! I’ve lived in many towns and cities and I have honestly never seen chaos like this before.

Anyway, I have always said that there are beautiful signs that God will give us if we are open to listening, hearing, and seeing them. It requires us to be able to look within, take note, and also be able to see the things God is trying to work on us with. Well, I was so incredibly happy yesterday when I didn’t have to wait an hour and they opened the road back up. The little things we can take for granted right? 

So, yesterday was Friday and I decided I was going to take my son to a place called Area 51, its a kids play zone where they can jump on trampolines and there’s dodgeball, and lots of cool climbing things. It’s a great energy releaser for kids and a great workout for adults LOL! Well, yesterday we left from his school and he was so excited we were going. He had a winter pass that yesterday was the last day he could use it. Well, we pull up and there was a sign out front that said it was full until 4. Cool. We will just go in and sign him up for 4pm and wait, since it was only a half an hour. Everyone else must have had the same idea to get their last jump in before the pass expired too! 

So my son and I walk through the doors and see that sections are tapped off and lined in black liner where you couldn’t see it. They had pallets of new foam for the jump area, and you could hear construction like power tools going on. There were warnings everywhere posted that they are still functioning but that some things weren’t available as they were remodeling. They had ‘under construction’ signs everywhere. At first I was like omgosh more construction! I jokingly sent a message to a friend about it, saying that I can’t leave construction it finds me everywhere. 

Then it hit me. Like a ton of bricks fell on my head. 


God is trying to get your attention! You clearly heard part because He has suggested to you to stop doing Soulfood Sundays even when you felt that it was just starting to get good. You obeyed. Then the masterclass you taught in The Soul Collective, about the 3D’s …… Deleting, delegating and doing it. Je, you are under construction. 

It gave me chills. Even writing this, I see how pivotal it is for RIGHT NOW in my journey. I sat there waiting with my son to get in at 4pm and thinking about the last month. Wow. 

Do you notice those God messages? Maybe you receive them from a friend who is speaking to you, or a pastor at church, or even a post that comes up on social media. Maybe an animal or bird delivers a feeling from God that He is trying to get the message to you. He loves you. He is your helper. As Hebrews 13:6 says,So we say with confidence, “The Lord is my helper; I will not be afraid. What can mere mortals do to me?” (NIV) 

He wants to walk with you and nudge you when you need it, and if you are like me you are praying for it. Don’t expect to hear a man’s voice speaking to you, although that may happen too! Be able to notice when He is guiding you to do things. More often than not, it will be things that are hard for you to do. To get into shape your muscles have to feel a little uncomfortable too, right? 

So for me, I am taking a step back from things. You will still be able to catch me DAILY on the Soulfood and Grace on my youtube channel and on my social media sharing those too, and pouring into my soul brothers and sisters in The Soul Collective. But I won’t be engaging as much, through this time. No more Soulfood Sundays and some of the other live things. Just for a bit, while I am ‘under construction’. I know that I will forever be upgrading and unleveling but sometimes we actually have to close the road OR make it to one lane because the other lanes need work. 

So, trust in God, have faith as John and I shared in the last Soulfood Sundays listen HERE to that, AND I also made a motivation on faith for you too… Listen HERE.

Remember, our God is the God of peace, He is sovereign. Faith is trusting in God when our life doesn’t make sense. And when you get that nudge to take a break, do a cleanse, do a fast, take a social media break, whatever that is, trust and have that faith. Ok? I am here with you. You are not alone. I pray for you today, may God show up in your life and make it known that HE IS WITH YOU.

Whatever the reason that you are reading this, God is communicating a message to you too. It may not even be that message about taking a step back or construction but it may be about the closer relationship He wants with you. I trust and know that you will feel the message. 

‘Lord, I praise you in the hallway even when things are not the way I want them to be’.

I love you, be Blessed!


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  1. I’m excited to see what God will show you during this season of life. Blessings to you Jena!

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