Has God led you to share or speak about what He has done in your life with others, only for you to worry about what they may think and so you have shied away from being obedient? Or have you been the one that God has sent multiple people in your path to find you, and you have denied Him?

Today is day 6 in our reading plan for 2020, we are starting with the new testament and are on Matthew 16-18 today. I shared this in today’s video HERE, about how in Matthew 18:10-14 is the parable of the lost sheep. And it led me to contemplate how many times in my past God had put something on my heart and whether it was because I was at a job that I worried because as a manager we were restricted from talking about our faith to employees. Yet there were times that I can recall God was trying to reach those ‘lost sheep’.

And in the same sense, I have been that lost sheep that I know God has put someone in my path that He sent to find me. I can recall one time, I was at work, and I had been going through a difficult period in my life. I hadn’t shared it with anyone at work, and certainly not an employee. I was supposed to be a boss and we ‘leave things from our personal at the doorway when we enter, and pick it up when we leave’.

Well, I remember, I was really struggling that day. I wanted to leave, but knew I couldn’t. They needed me there, yet, every minute felt like an eternity as though the day would not end. I would go to the bathroom so I could cry in the stall alone just to get it out. That day I told lots of people I was suffering from allergies, this was my excuse for my red and watery eyes. The truth was I have never had allergies.

As I was walking from the front of the warehouse on my way to the back, an employee approached me with something in his hand. He just stopped, said Hey Jena, and looked me into my eyes. I was having a hard time because I immediately felt it. He had a post it note with the verse Jeremiah 29:11 written down on it. He passed this to me and told me that the Lord had put it on his heart to give it to me. He also told me that He was being obedient and trusting the fact that I could just give it back or totally reject it.

I could hardly breathe in that moment enough to thank him, the lump in my throat I felt was felt like I had swallowed a bolder from the river. I thanked him for trusting God’s nudge, and even though I am sure it felt awkward, he did it anyway. God knew I needed exactly that verse. He always knows what you need. At that time in my life I was questioning so much, and I didn’t even know what purpose God had on my life. I had been pleading that, and for this verse to come to me. ‘For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord’. No one on this earth could have known in that moment that I needed that verse more than ever in my life…

I think of that moment often when I personally am afraid of doing something. I shared the other day that I was really struggling with reading the bible in 2020 on my youtube channel. I sometimes still fall in being fiercely faithful in my life, and doing exactly what I claim I want to do, which is exactly what that employee did for me those many years ago. But even by sharing this blog I am myself reminded and I am hoping that it may also help you in building your faith in your life.

I hope you contemplate today, ‘If God calls you, will you answer the call?’

He has lost sheep that need you! And maybe YOU ARE that lost sheep, and you are reading this because God is trying to REACH YOU! Know that you are so loved, and He wants to have a relationship with YOU. Yes, YOU.

Nothing is by mistake or chance, and I believe you are here and reading this right in this moment and it is for YOU. He is calling you to grab the living word, even if it’s your first time, and spend time with Him today.

Come join me today, grab your coffee or tea, and your journal and bible and let’s sit together and process todays word. Please share how God is working in your life my friend! I would love to hear it! And in case you missed it, HERE IS TODAY’S VIDEO!

Here is to your purpose and all that you are,

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