By Sherri Elliott

I woke up this morning sat on the edge of the bed…

Stroll to the mirror like the walking dead……

Got in the shower for about an hour……

Still felt like I had no power…..

I brushed my teeth……

Put clothes on my back and socks on my feet….

Starting the day with no clue

I got the mmmmmm stay home blues…….

Yes, it is true I think I got the work from home blues. Please, don’t look at this strange, because a lot of people would love to be in my shoes. I think these magic phrases have been placed in our lives “Work from Home”, “Working remotely” which have made us instantly excited without thinking about what happens when we work from home. I am ecstatic about saving on gas money and working in my sweats, but I’m feeling like I am disconnecting from the real world, just a little bit.

 Don’t get me wrong when my company presented the first phase of working from home which was, work in the office for 3 days and then 2 days at home, I was too excited. Working from home only 2 days still gave me a  healthy balance of getting out into the world and seeing and interacting with people. After 3 years of 2days at home and 3 days in the office, they came to the Houston office to close us down. We celebrated and we were all pulled in the office to have a discussion about working from home and the rules.  The big boss even warned us about our time management, he said learn how to walk away and know when to shut it off.

Now that I have been home for a year, I am evaluating myself and the discipline I have with working from home. I don’t think the blues are coming from my working from home at all, because let’s face it who would turn this opportunity down. I was fascinated with the idea but I didn’t have a game plan. All of you beautiful ladies that have the same opportunity that I have, how are you keeping yourself disciplined? You wonderful women that selected the life of running a home based business what keeps you motivated and  what wakes you up in the morning. You are the women that I look up to, because you are the ladies that have it figured out.

As I examine my blues, I need to turn it into a new song and see the value in my opportunity. I must find inspiration in this great chance that I have been given. I had plans before I started, but I didn’t enforce them and implement them into my everyday routine. They seemed so simple before I started working from home, but I didn’t write them down and hold myself accountable.

This week I have taken the time out to write out a schedule, but this schedule is different, because the job I do, I can’t really stamp my task with times,  but time frames.  Time frames will help me reach my goals better, because if 9am passes and I haven’t had anything to eat, I gave myself until 10:30 with an alarm to eat.

What’s important to maintain a balance life for me is to feed my mind, body and soul. Some may think working is feeding my mind, but that’s giving my mind to someone else. I need to take some time out to read or research something like a good article or good positive conversation with a friend when I am on break. Breaks, yes, they are important when working from home especially when you have gotten too engulfed in your work. I am going to start taking 30 minute walks in the neighborhood to rejuvenate my mind and this also helps the body. Feeding my soul, meditating or praying whatever makes me  comfortable. All my life I never knew how important these areas the mind, body and soul were, until I took a health class in college and I was shocked to see how much they talked about spirituality, and meditating.

The take away from this is to know when it’s time to press the refresh button and don’t get in a rut and start singing the blues. Pick a new song and get a new groove. Don’t let that situation get the best of you ladies, you control the situation, and know the situation doesn’t control you. I know the refresh button may not be easy to push, because I didn’t add kids and all the other wonderful things that come alone with being a woman.  We are resilient and have the power to rise above our current conditions. I leave you with a new song to sing, so you can get rid of that old blues.  

Wake up and greet the sun

I am thankful for my life because I only have one

I embrace my morning with prayer for my soul

New knowledge for my mind is the goal

My body is a temple and I won’t forget

I will try to approach my day fearless and with no regrets.

Every day waiting for what’s instore

I am woman see me roar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sherri Elliott

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