Do not worry if some of the people in your life (including friends & family) do not support your vision, dreams or passion. It’s ok let them walk on by, this is your life and you do not need anyone’s permission to Dream as big as you like. Sometimes the people you know will be the ones that support you the least and complete strangers will come out of nowhere and stand by your side.

I had one of the hardest lessons of my life being disowned by my parents for my dreams – there was no harder lesson for me – yet I know that pain was given to me for a reason – I realized sometimes not even your parents will get you and guess what it’s ok! I continue to believe and Dream Big because I know what I see, hear and feel.

It’s not always easy to ignore what may be obvious especially when you step into your biggest purpose and passion, Yet you have to remain strong, give love and support even if you do not get it in return, because after all love conquers all, keep believing even if no one else does. Remember some of the biggest messiahs were ignored for their vision, Jesus nailed to a cross, who are we but mere mortals… ?

We do not have to abandon our value or worth just because someone else cannot see it.

You do not have to fear if people do not support you – you will find the right people that do or they will find you!

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Keep Dreaming Big- You got this!

With love Raj



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